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I love stories, and I love being creative.  I love stories that engage me with others. I love stories that engage me with the world.  All my life, I have been fascinated by people and nature. My entire life, being outside surrounded by the natural world, has been the place I found the greatest joy. Naturally, this eventually translated into taking photographs of the nature that encompassed me.  Images drew me in and challenged me to see beyond the surface to explore and capture the story beneath. These are the images I strive to create.  I want to make images that challenge our view of ourselves, and the surrounding natural world. 

My passion for photography started as a young child reading nature magazines.  I got my first camera as a teenager and have been taking photographs ever since. In college, I was the photographer for the newspaper and promotional office. Since then I’ve won the Detroit Newspaper photography contest with Reflections, been lucky enough to have my work published in Traverse City magazine, as well as work as a family photographer. 

Now, I spend as much time as I can pursuing my love of nature by traveling and photographing unique places worldwide.

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